Personal Care & Cosmetics

Personal Care and Cosmetic consumers want functional, natural ingredients, and science-driven therapeutic products. With the emergence of a ‘cosmeceutical’ market, products containing active ingredients such as vitamins, organic herbal ingredients, emollients, colorants, flavors, preservatives and more, manufacturers are challenged with blending many ingredients into a multi-purpose product.

Bematek offers a patented Shear Management and Mix Control Technology. Whether you produce a shampoo and conditioner combo, ethnic hair-care, toothpaste for whitening, a moisturizer that has UV sun protection and anti-aging formula; the Bematek modular engineered designs make adding ingredients and producing a consistent, smooth, homogeneous product very efficient. This sanitary technology, in-line mixer or colloid mill, can be precisely configured for any present application or help inspire future innovation.

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